Hello! My name is ....


Hello there!

My name is Bridgette Guerzon Mills, artist and creator of Terre Arts and I just want to introduce myself. I am a mixed media artists whose love and respect of all things of the earth inspires me in my artwork and my motivation behind creating this shop.

For the past 15 years I have been making and selling my artwork online as well as in galleries and small independent shops around the United States. I have also been lucky to have exhibited internationally and to have had my work published in books, magazines, as well as covers of books and music albums. My work often contains natural bits I pick up in the outdoors or found materials such as metal, paper, textiles, etc. In the past few years I have been installing my environmental artwork in the outdoors- in arboretums and out on the trails in the woods. Creating work that helps people to to remember that we are nature and that we are all connected is what propels me in my creative practice.

I also love to connect with other artists and share their work. The artists and artisans that I have brought into Terre Arts either use found materials in their artwork or their work is also infused by a love and respect for the Earth. Helping the world at large make connections to artists who use sustainable practices in their work or whose work again connects us to natural world around us brings me tremendous joy. Living with art on a daily basis in our homes and gardens connects with the creative spirit that is within all of us. I hope that you find my discoveries on Terre Arts inspiring for your home and life.